New Web Hosting

I've always hosted and a few of our other websites on my own hardware.  Originally on really old outdated server class hardware. Latest server was a little more up to date and reliable.

Biggest drawback has been my ISP upload speeds.  Most residential ISP providers pretty much throttle your upload speed at a fraction of your download speed.  CenturyLink, my current provider, limits my upload speed to 896K.  (Not what you really get).  Running a website you need that upload speed. So our website was painfully slow to those who visit.

I've just leased space from a hosting provider and moved KPCowling.Com onto it.  Our websites should now load in a reasonable amount of time with all the available bandwidth.

Not everything is fully functional. The hourly web cam snapshot carousel and the movie made from the last 24 hrs of by the minute web cam frames isn't updating just yet.  Currently the live web cam is updated once a minute, but may have to reduce that update interval to like every 5 minutes.

Some other changes are in the works and will post when they become live.

Happy Trails...