Updated Website Up And Running

Have the website up and running on the new server.  Installed the latest and greatest CMS (Content Management System).  Problem with the latest and greatest is that not all the modules/plugins are upgraded yet. 

The module I used on old system for RSS feed input for articles, is not ready for prime time or all features working yet.  So I bought another module and it is lacking quite a few features and has a few limitations.  So formatting of Wyoming News maybe a little inconsistent.

Added a time-lapse video of the web camera for last 24hrs that gets updated every hour.  Until we can upgrade our internet connection, it is slow to download and play.  Once it fully downloads, you can replay without it stalling.  Added a picture archive from the last 24 hrs that you can scroll through or enlarge a single picture of every hour.

And of course you'll see some Ads now, needed someway to subsidize KPCowling.com

Thanks for stopping by