Kevin & Pamela Cowling

kevinpamela Pamela and I have been running this site since March of 2003. What had started as a simple personal website has changed since then.  Facebook took over for the posting of personal stuff we use to publish.  Have never really found that content of interest to provide, but still keep it up and running.

The biggest addition to the website has been the webcam, which was added January of 2005. This is the same time when we started hosting the site on our own server and the same time we got high speed internet!  The location of the web camera has moved through the years.

Originally the camera was located just outside of Lander, Wyoming on Baldwin Creek and pointed towards the city. That is when National Weather Service in Riverton picked it up and started linking to it on their website. Since then, site traffic will skyrocket on bad weather days.  Everyone likes to see an actual picture of what the weather looks like.  For a short time it moved into Lander at my parents house and the view was boring. Now it is located in Riverton, Wyoming and is looking outside of our home.